Astrophotography by Rob


Astrophotography  Links

Some Real Astrophotographers

Cosmic Photos: Great astrophotography

The Universe in Color: Astrophotography by Rob Gendler

Astronomy Picture of the Day  (APOD): Daily astronomy photo described by a professional astronomy

Astrophotography Resources

Lightbuckets: Online telescope rental

Global Rent-a-Scope: Online telescope rental

Ice in Space: Australian-based Astronomy forum (Information)

Catching the Light: Astrophotography and astrophotography techniques

Swinburne Astronomy Online: Online post-graduate degree course in astronomy

The Scale of the Universe: Demonstrates the scale from the smallest thing to the Universe 

IP4AP: Photoshop techniques for processing images of the night sky by Warren Keller

Astronomy Information: A collection of astronomy videos and photographs

Getting Max DL to call you if have problem: This is a simple and effective way of getting MaxIm DL to call you should there be a guiding error. Get some sleep while imaging!!

Warrumbungle Remote Observatory Hosting: Remote telescope hosting in Australia

Southern Galactic Telescope Hosting: Telescope hositng in Victoria, Australia. Contact them and ask about any special deals that they may have running. 


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