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Home Equipment

William Optics FLT110 telescope with dedicated field flattener: 110mm aperture, 770mm focal length for a focal ration of 7.

William Optics Megrez 72 telescope: 72mm aperture, 432mm focal length for a focal ration of 6. Refractor that I mainly use for guiding

NEQ6 Pro mount


QHY9 mono camera and filterwheel

QHY LRGB filters and Baader H a, SII and OIII filters

Pentax K200D DSLR (see my notes on the use of the K200D for astrophotography)

Orion Starshoot guide camera

Philips SPC900NC webcam

Computer and Software

NEC laptop running Windows 7 that I use to run the equipment and image processing.

EQMOD for controlling the mount.

Pempro for periodic error measurement and correction and polar alignment.

FocusMax for focussing using the Robofocus system. I am still using the free version. If you are looking for this version you can download the last free version here.

MaxIm DL for correction of images, focussing, camera control and guiding.

The Sky pro planetarium

CCD Commander for automation of image collection

CCDStack for the stacking of images

RegiStax for the alignment of lunar and planetary images

Photoshop CS5 for final image processing



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